Bellingham, WA 98226
United States

Promoting the quality and quantity of ballroom dance

USA Dance was born as USABDA (United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association) in 1965. With almost 200 chapters, it has grown into a nationwide non-profit organization, whose mission is to improve the quantity and the quality of ballroom dancing in the United States. Through its chapters, USA Dance provides numerous opportunities for affordable social and competition ballroom dancing.

USA Dance Bellingham is a chapter of USA Dance. Our mission is to promote affordable ballroom dancing to people of all ages. To provide a venue for social ballroom dancing and related social interaction - to motivate and inform the social and health benefits of ballroom dancing and encourage continuous improvement of dance skills.

To receive regular emails regarding our events and dances, please email the chapter President Skeeter Smith at:

What are our ballroom dances like?

Our dancers represent a wide range of ages and skill levels. Some are very good dancers and others are at the beginning or intermediate level. Both couples and singles attend our dances. You do not have to be a USA Dance member to attend our dances. We have a large beautiful dance floor. We serve refreshments. The dances are alcohol and smoke free. Attire is suggested to be dress to impress. Some dances have themes which you may wish to dress up for appropriately. See the dance schedule for the theme.

The dances are usually preceded by a lesson and we make every effort to see that singles get plenty of opportunity to dance during the lesson and during our dances. Your dancing ability is never as important as having a good time. Our dance lessons are for the beginning level or we may have an intermediate level lesson which will start out with a review of the beginning steps that were taught the month before.

We typically have a live band for our dance music which is suitable for dancing the following ballroom dances: foxtrot, East and West coast swing, waltz, hustle, rumba, cha cha, samba, tango and Viennese waltz. We try to have a mixture of music styles which includes big band, retro swing, latin, as well as oldies out of the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's that fit the dances listed above. We also sponsor Argentine Tango events, please see Our Social Dances page for more information.